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Roller Blinds Window Shades

Roller Blinds Dimout Series Window Shades Singapore sales
Roller Blinds Dimout Series

Dimout Series home Window Shades furnishings

  • Dimout blinds are made of a tightly woven material with no holes
  • they provide a soft filtered light effect which
  • is better for light control
  • and in turn can enhance your room’s ambiance
Window Shades Singapore sales
Another new design of Roller Blinds Window Shades Econo Sunshut

Bedrooms or bathrooms Shades

They impede the view from inside and outside, so you can’t see out of them, but you also can’t see through them from outside.
They often used in kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms, as they provide good levels of privacy, but still offer a suitable amount of light.
At night if the lights are on, your silhouette can be seen through the blinds, so they may not be ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms Shades . ….. View more Colour Schemes ….. read more

Blackout Series Window Shades

Cinma Venus Window Shades Singapore sales
Another Roller Blinds Window Shades Cinma Venus

Blackout blinds completely block out the amount of sunlight entering your room, keeping your home shaded all day. They suited for rooms that require complete darkness and privacy. They are suited for bedrooms, theatre rooms and bathrooms.. ….. more info of Singapore Warehouse Sales price list ….. read more

Office Interior Window Sunscreen Series Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds Sunscreen Series SP210 Window Shades Singapore sales
Another Roller Office Blinds Sunscreen Series SP210 ….. View more Colour Schemes ….. read more

Office Roller Blinds Window Shades

Sunscreen blinds are made from a specially designed mesh fabric which lets in plenty of light, while protecting you from the sun’s glare and rays. Sunscreen blinds block out up to 95% of the sun’s harmful rays, which provides the bonus of being a great energy efficient blind. DIY Insatllation Guide ….. read more

  • They provide a great level of privacy
  • as you can’t see into the room from outside
  • although they are not a block out fabric
  • meaning you can still see through them
  • and maintain your outside view.
  • Suitable for modern house interior
Another Sunscreen Series SP 3000 Singapore sales Promotion

However, sunscreen blinds do not provide privacy at night when the lights are on, so they are not
ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms unless they are used with a block-out blind in a dual blind set-up.

Zebra blinds window Shades

Most durable Zebra window blinds are also known as Combi Blinds, Korean Blinds or “Day and Night” window blinds. Warehouse Sales Price List …. read more

Zebra window blinds SP101Z
  • It is a modern window treatment
  • which is is easy to control
  • and enables you to control the
  • level of daylight and privacy within your space
Another Best Value Zebra window blinds SP201Z

They are created using double or triple layer fabric which consist of colorful
stripes and transparent layers.

In a closed position, one layer of fabric overlaps the other to obscure the transparent stripes completely and create a continuous layer of opaque color for complete privacy.

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Window Shades Singaore Sales

Zebra blinds not only gives a modern chic appearance to your Interior, it filters daylight, minimizes UV rays, and reduces computer screen glare.

Modern Design Venetian Wooden Blinds Window Shades

Wooden venetian blinds lends to a natural and understated elegance. Switch easily between a formal or casual feel, and bring warmth to bedroom, bathrooms window shades , laundry, kitchen and living spaces.

Venetian Wooden Window Blinds

Home interior Natural wooden blinds

Our quality wooden blinds window shades are made from natural timber wood and comes in two sizes, 35mm and 50mm. ….. more info of Direct Factory Sales price list ….. read more

The natural wood slats of the timber blinds withstand the direct sunlight and heat better. To You can choose from a range of vertical color fabric tapes to go along with your blinds.

Wooden blinds and they are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and dry bathroom

Interior designers Preffered Curtain Window Shades

Another New collection of Window Curtain is certainly beyond the ordinary, due to its appeal, finishing, shapes and sizes in which these are developed.

Modern office window blinds

  • Durability, sturdy and style
  • and As a result , it perfectly combined in these designer curtain rods
  • to make your living space look more charming.

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